Is this like traditional talk therapy?

No it’s not.  

This modality works beautifully with specific issues as well as general support in your life helping you better see you.  We don’t work specifically with the past and understanding it - although it certainly comes up. It is more specifically a way to move forward in life noticing and seeing your thoughts and patterns more clearly.


I’ve tried talk therapy and it’s just not for me - can this still be useful?  

You bet.

Is holistic counseling something that I need a specific problem or situation to work on or can it just be general life stuff?  No and yes! If you have a specific belief system or situation you are working through and need help working through it, wholistic counseling is a fantastic way to see yourself clearly as well as notice and work on belief systems.  It is also a fantastic method of helping people see where they are stuck, and helps them understand themselves more clearly and with better insight.


I hate my job and my boss and where I live - and I don’t know what to do - can this help me?

It absolutely can help.  

Asking certain questions and finding the story behind the emotions is how this works to help you heal. You may still hate your job, boss and home - but you’ll have a lot more compassion for yourself and maybe even all the things you hate.


**All services available in person or virtual