The Alignment Principle

Welcome to the Alignment Principle

Truest alignment.

mind. body. spirit. vocation.


Expect great things; don’t be too specific.

Maybe you need help focusing on making changes in the present
with goal setting for a future that actually works.

Perhaps you need some new tools to help you better understand yourself,
see your patterns and experiencing your life.

Or - do you honestly need someone to look you in the eyes and tell you that you are GOOD and that someone on this planet cares and is FOR you.

Bottom line, that's what I do.



First we assess where you are and where you want to be.  Then I provide you with a roadmap, positive support, feedback, tools, and encouragement. Your autonomy is always respected, while challenging you to think differently or suggest that you try a different or even more radical approach than you normally would. It’s never my job try to control a client’s thoughts, actions or life, only help guide, encourage and support your best efforts.

Julie Otte Coaching Coach West Michigan Therapy Alignment Holistic Counseling

Emotional Release Therapy

A process that helps people release unresolved negative emotions and limiting belief systems that may have been there for a long time or shown up recently.  Emotions such as depression, grief, anger, sadness, fear can be resolved and released so that you may experience freedom, calmness and the ability to manage your emotions powerfully. 

Julie Otte Coaching Coach West Michigan Grand Rapids Health Holistic Counseling

Brain Health Coaching

Everything we do starts with our brains. It is the CONSTANT in all that we do.  Thinking, reasoning, memory, fitness, career, relationships, health, and emotional intelligence. It is impossible to find a single human activity or pursuit that doesn’t originate or at least involve our brains. Yet, so often we take this absolutely critical and necessary component out of the equation.

Julie Otte Coaching Coach West Michigan Grand Rapids Health Holistic Counseling

Wholistic Counseling

This modality works beautifully with specific issues as well as general support in your life helping you better see you.  We don’t work specifically with the past and understanding it - although it certainly comes up. It is more specifically a way to move forward in life noticing and seeing your thoughts and patterns more clearly.

I'm here to create meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients.

Let's build something amazing together


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