Having grown up in a spiritually, mentally, and emotionally abusive home, I’ve developed many unhelpful patterns over the years. Without realizing it I chose environments in my adult life that reinforced the unhealthy patterns. At the same time I’ve sought teachers and resources that could help me heal. Julie has, by far, been one of the most important people in my healing journey. As a human she is full of love and grace, and extends unconditional positive regard, making it possible to discuss the areas of vulnerability and deep wounding. As a practitioner, she is remarkably competent and skillful. In each session I come in feeling burdened and overwhelmed, and leave feeling light and free. I am continually recommending her to my friends and acquaintances. I could not be more grateful for the impact Julie’s ERT practice has had on my life.
— KD

Julie is one of those amazingly kind and understanding people that you are able to tell your dark secrets to. I was holding onto some trauma from an old injury that was causing me mental and physical pain. Julie helped me release all of that, and in a way, healed me. I’m so glad I took the time to schedule a session with her. I have so much gratitude for her.
— AV

Of all of the different therapies I have tried, this is the one that has made the biggest impact on my life.
— AD

I finally feel like I have hope - after 17 years of living this way.
— MC


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