Does brain coaching provide me with a better memory or just a
stronger brain?



Common Brain Challenges -

I feel like my memory is fading - is this alzheimer's or dementia?

It’s most likely not, it’s your hippocampus needing stimulation, along with nourishing your brain with more blood flow and oxygen.

I feel like I’ve got brain fog and can’t shake it.

More than likely you need more water - as we age the hormone that regulates thirst lowers and we tend to drink less water.  You also most likely need cleaner and better nutrition such as lean protein and fruits and vegetables. You could also benefit from more movement of your body such as regular walking, swimming or yoga.  These are all things I can help you find out and help you work on improving.

I’ve noticed that I’ve forgotten things recently - it must just be typical aging.

Forgetting things is not indicative of aging, and vice versa.  With age, your brain changes but it does not need to change for the worse.  With proper nutrition, hydration, brain exercises and building up healthy hormones, your brain can be better than ever every year.

I just want to think clearer and have a stronger brain - is that possible at any age?

It absolutely is.  This coaching can help anyone strengthen their brain and create a better atmosphere for brain growth and better cognition.


I help you build a better brain.  Through my work with Emotional Release Therapy, I’ve learned and seen over and over that the body does a very good job of holding memory.  The body KNOWS. But I’ve also come to realize that the brain is integral to keeping the body safe and healthy. Yes, we need strong hearts to pump the blood and to keep us alive, but it’s our BRAIN telling our heart to beat.  If we have healthy brains, we have healthy bodies. If we have healthier bodies, it keeps our brains happier and healthier. We are integrated. We are all one. We cannot just focus on the body, we need to give proper attention and care to our brains as well.  

Everything we do starts with our brains. It is the CONSTANT in all that we do. Thinking, reasoning, memory, fitness, career, relationships, health, and emotional intelligence. It is impossible to find a single human activity or pursuit that doesn’t originate or at least involve our brains. Yet, so often we take this absolutely critical and necessary component out of the equation.

The truth is our brains are not static. Our brains can be altered. Strengthened. Nourished. Even healed. The results of improving and nourishing our brains are absolutely transformative. Your brain controls everything you and your body does. Improving your brain means improving your life.


Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, you can benefit from my support as a brain health coach. Just as an Olympic athlete needs the support of a specialized coach, I help you identify and achieve the goals that are important to you.

I work with you to identify and work through obstacles, fears and perceived limitations for making positive changes in your life. You will develop new skills and strategies for attaining your goals and provide you with a structure of positive support and encouragement while teaching you to stay accountable to yourself.

So what’s next?  Contact me and we can start assessing where you need to strengthen your brain, what parts of your brain are needing support and start the transformation of your brain.  


I use key elements to help you help your brain.

Detailed and science driven individualized assessment
Mindfulness and meditation
Cognitive stimulation


**All services available in person or virtual