Julie Otte whiteboard white board grand rapids therapy

dreams, goals and a big ol whiteboard.

What if you stepped into 2019 feeling strong, powerful and supported?  What if you actually knew what you wanted and had a way to get there?!

Maybe you have no idea what to hope for, dream up or even want?  

Did 2018 have unmet goals that leave you looking at 2019 as your year?

Let’s make it happen!  You, me, your goals, dreams and a whiteboard will help you get clear, get ready and knock it out of the park.

Maybe you want something to change, or want a promotion. Maybe you want to change your marital status or let go of past bullshit.  All of that is valid. Let’s get you on the path to getting there!

This is a two hour deep dive into mapping out goals, ideas, dreams and getting you clear and strong. I cannot wait to do this work with you!